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Press Releases

Here you can find Valtavalo’s press releases.

Valtavalo appoints new CEO
Valtavalo's Board of Directors has appointed Pekka Kantola, the company's long-time Chairman of the Board, as CEO as of 22 November 2022.
Valtavalo Oy’s exports in tailwind
Valtavalo Oy managed to increase its turnover and improve its profitability in the financial period ended in May, despite a challenging operating environment.
Aki Sarajärvi appointed Director of Business Operations
Aki Sarajärvi has been appointed Director of Business Operations, Finland at Valtavalo Oy from the beginning of October.
Fluorescent tubes to be phased out in the EU
The European Commission has decided to phase out the use of mercury-containing light sources in the European Union next year.
Sitra publishes its latest feature on 41 pioneering Finnish circular economy companies
Valtavalo is one of the 41 pioneering companies selected for the list.
Valtavalo and Caverion signed a cooperation agreement
Valtavalo Oy announces that it has signed an agreement with Caverion Oyj for Nordic cooperation.
Valtavalo’s international growth continues
The Finnish lighting solution provider and LED tube manufacturer Valtavalo Ltd. has increased its turnover for 10 financial years in a row.
Valtavalo deliveries to continue as normal
Despite the challenges posed by the outbreak and rapid spread of the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), our operations will continue as normal.
Valtavalo appointed new CEO
Valtavalo Ltd has appointed Mr. Tuukka Prykäri, one of the co-founders of the company, as the new CEO.
Test success for Finland – Valtavalo G5 directly to the top of LED tubes
The esteemed British lighting industry publication LuxReview tested the products of six international LED tube manufacturers at the LIA laboratory in Telford.
Wireless lighting control system ‘WIISAS’ is being developed with help of Horizon 2020 -programme
Valtavalo Oy was one of the six Finnish companies selected for the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme phase 1 in October 2018.
Valtavalo initiates public equity offering – aiming for rapid international growth
Valtavalo Oy announced that it has initiated a public equity offering on 28 November 2018 in cooperation with Invesdor.
Finnish municipalities try to save money actively with lighting solutions
A group of students from the university of Oulu carried out a market survey as part of their studies during autumn 2017.
Is the CE mark a guarantee of safety? Valtavalo’s G4 LED tube receives an ENEC/FI certificate
Valtavalo, the Finnish manufacturer of LED tubes, has certified its flagship product, the G4 LED tube, in compliance with the international ENEC process.
Valtavalo sees rapid growth
Valtavalo continues its rapid growth. The turnover of the fiscal year that ended at the end of May increased 21% compared to the past year.
Key Flag Symbol awarded to Valtavalo LED tubes
The Association for Finnish Work has awarded the Key Flag Symbol to the LED tubes manufactured by Valtavalo Oy as a sign of Finnish manufacture.
Valtavalo Oy building stronger position in Swedish lighting market
Valtavalo Oy is expanding its operations by establishing a branch in Sweden.
Valtavalo to obtain a license to Philips patent portfolio
Valtavalo Oy and Philips Lighting have signed a patent agreement with which Valtavalo obtains a licence to patented technologies owned by Philips Lighting.
LED TAILOR INNOVA7ION joins the fight against harmful microbes with its LED lights
Finnish LED TAILOR INNOVA7ION is introducing a LED tube providing light that significantly reduces the amount of harmful microbes in indoor areas.
The Finnish LED manufacturer has done it again: Unprecedented quality in its price category
In October, Valtavalo Oy, a Finnish manufacturer of LED tubes, will introduce a new E3 LED tube manufactured in Finland.
Flicker of LED lights paid attention to in an international LED tube comparison
In the laboratory, the luminous efficacy (lm/w), colour rendering (CRI), colour temperature (CCT), power factor and flicker percentage of the tubes were tested.
Customers of the Oulu City Main Library can now enjoy their magazines under flicker-free and energy-saving light
Valtavalo installed a total of 115 Finnish-made LED tubes in the reading hall’s existing lighting fixtures in the Oulu City Main Library.
Non-flickering LED tubes onto the market from Finland
According to recent studies flickering may cause many kinds of ailments, such as headaches, fatigue and stress on the brain.
Valtavalo invests in domestic production
Valtavalo Oy is multiplying its production capacity by acquiring a second, more efficient and fully automated LED tube manufacturing line.
Valtavalo first in Finland to receive the new certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
SGS has certified a Finnish Valtavalo Oy according to the quality management standard ISO 9001 and the environmental management system standard ISO 14001.
Mr. Martin Persson appointed as Country Manager in Sweden
Valtavalo Oy is strengthening its presence on the Swedish lighting market: Mr. Martin Persson has started as Valtavalo’s Country Manager in Sweden.
Valtavalo Oy on a growth path – now accelerated by Teknoventure
Teknoventure Oy, a venture capital company based in northern Finland, has acquired a minority interest in Valtavalo through a directed share issue.
Cost-efficiency and a competitive edge with energy-efficient LED tube lights
With the help of the Valtavalo Vaivaton service, recently launched by the Finnish company Valtavalo Oy, lighting can now be renewed as a monthly fee service.
Imagon has reduced lighting costs effortlessly
Family business Imagon Oy had LED tubes installed in its production facilities as part of the Valtavalo Vaivaton turnkey service concept.
The most long-lasting LED tubes are made in Finland: Valtavalo introduces 7-year warranty on its G3+ LED tubes
The Finnish LED tube manufacturer Valtavalo Ltd promises the longest lifetime and the longest warranty on the market for its G3+ LED tubes.
New standard boosts the market for LED tubes
To date, LED tubes are the first and only form of LED lighting to receive an international, harmonised standard (EN 62776).
Celebrating the Year of Light with a video of the many meanings of light
To celebrate United Nations’ International Year of Light 2015, Valtavalo has put together a video that summarises the many meanings of light to people.
Electricity-saving LEDs illuminate school work in Vantaa
LED tubes play an important role when savings in energy consumption are used to finance investment in energy-efficiency in 14 public properties in Vantaa.
Finnish Valtavalo aims to be number one in Norway’s LED tube market
Valtavalo has already gained a bridgehead for its LED tubes in Fagerli hydro-electric power plant in Norway.
Finnish LED light manufacturer goes global
Valtavalo is aiming for the global market just one year after transferring their LED tube production from China to a fully automated production line in Finland.
EU Recommendation and Cleantech Competition Accelerate LED Lighting
Finnish Valtavalo is gaining momentum from a recently published electrical safety memo that simplifies the replacement of fluorescent tubes with LED tubes.

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