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Customer service weekdays at 9-15 GMT+2 +358 (0)207 789 880


High-quality lighting solutions for professional use


Endure even the most challenging conditions

The starting point of Valtavalo’s product philosophy is to find the best solution for each customer whether they need lighting for an office, a logistics facility with a high ceiling, a parking facility, or a manufacturing facility with very demanding operating conditions. Our large selection of products caters to the needs of the public sector and private businesses.

Our concept is based on a standardised (EN62776) replaceable light source, a LED tube, that can be easily installed to an existing fluorescent luminaire or to a completely new luminaire designed for LED tubes. Changing light sources in the future is easy, which can bring considerable savings to maintenance and upkeep costs particularly if the luminaires are installed in a location that is hard to access. Our selection includes a wide range of luminaires suitable for different purposes that can be combined with our G- or E-series light sources to form a lighting solution with a long service life and easy maintenance.

Why choose a LED luminaire
with a standardised replaceable light source?


What do you do if the light goes out? Are you looking at changing the luminaire, or in the worst-case scenario, changing the whole lighting system, if compatible luminaires are no longer available? What if you could simply replace the light source in your existing luminaires? Quick, easy, and cost-effective!

In professional use the problem is even bigger. Oftentimes, end user organisations buy tens or hundreds of LED fixtures at once, but it is not guaranteed that after a couple of years, the same model can be found in the market to replace a few faulty ones. This means that instead of changing a bulb, they have to pay a lot of money to replace the lighting fixtures, settle for non-uniform lighting or in the worst case, replace the lighting and control system of all lighting fixtures prematurely. Many real estate owners have already stopped using LED fixtures where the light source cannot be replaced in their premises.

Excellent availability and independency

The international standard, EN62776, completed in 2014, guarantees the availability of LED tubes now and in the future. When the lighting is implemented with a replaceable light source solution and a replaceable module manufactured in accordance with the standard is selected as the light source, the light source can be replaced if necessary, regardless of the manufacturer.

Low maintenance and upkeep costs

If the space has existing luminaires in good condition, they will get more years of use by replacing the light source, and renewing the lighting is quick and inexpensive. In the future, lighting can be updated by simply replacing the light source. LED light sources have a long service life and require a low maintenance frequency.

An environmentally friendly choice

Our light sources have a long service life, and compared to older technology, they consume 40–90% less energy, depending on the operating conditions and the reference light source. During its life cycle, one LED tube saves about 1,500 kWh of electricity, which is 310.5 kg when converted to carbon dioxide. We have calculated that the Valtavalo LED tubes save about 3,615 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year, which corresponds to about 4,000 return flights from Helsinki to New York.


See our large selection of luminaires and light sources. Our products enable implementing lighting with a long lifecycle to a variety of facilities, no matter the industry.

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