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Customer service weekdays at 9-15 GMT+2 +358 (0)207 789 880

Logistics lighting

High-quality lighting solutions for professional use


Illumination has a significant effect on the occupational safety and energy efficiency of logistics facilities.

Large logistics centres are often demanding sites in terms of lighting solutions. High ceilings and narrow aisles are particularly challenging for lighting design. However, well-designed lighting can significantly save energy as well as reduce mistakes and improve occupational safety in the facility.

Our lighting solutions with replaceable light sources are an excellent fit for most types of logistics facilities, from open and low pallet warehouses to high-bay warehouses. At its simplest, updating lighting can be done by replacing old light sources in existing T8 fluorescent luminaires that include a magnetic ballast with LED light sources. This low-effort method (known as retrofitting) can be used to implement a low-maintenance flicker-free illumination with G5 LED tubes and LED starters.

For buildings under renovation or construction, our selection includes several excellent choices for luminaires. Most suitable for logistics facilities are the Teva slim, Prima plus or Prima trio luminaires equipped with G5 High Power LED tubes or G5 Narrow Beam (45°) LED tubes.

In cold storage, the benefits of LED lighting are particularly substantial. LEDs light up immediately even in cold temperatures, which means the lights can be switched off when not needed or controlled with motion detectors. Detectors can also be installed in the aisles between racks or in an open warehouse.


If we haven’t convinced you on the superiority of our LED solutions, would you believe our very satisfied customers?

Compared to our old lighting, the new solution is considerably brighter and more efficient. Our employees are very happy with the renovation. According to them, the difference between the old solution and the new solution is like night and day!
- Leif Byrstrand, PostNord Sverige AB, Hallsberg, Sweden
At Postnord's facility in Rosersberg, Stockholm, the whole area of 50,000 m2 is illuminated with Valtavalo solutions. The goal was to have a maintenance-free and flexible solution with replaceable light source, where the lighting can be adjusted over time, without having to replace entire luminaires.
- Nils-Olov Persson, PostNord Fastigheter, Sweden
In addition to the significant 60% energy savings, we noticed that the LED tubes achieve 25% higher illuminance than the T8 fluorescent tubes that were previously used in the terminal.
- Pekka Simonen, Director Corporate Real Estate Finland, DHL Freight (Finland) Oy
In addition to a clear improvement in the energy efficiency, we wanted to modernise the level of illumination in the store, and considerably increase the lux level compared to the old lighting with fluorescent tubes.
- Keijo Tuikka, Facility manager, Prisma Hypermarket, Kajaani, Finland


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