Customer service weekdays at 9-15 GMT+2 +358 (0)207 789 880
Customer service weekdays at 9-15 GMT+2 +358 (0)207 789 880

Privacy Notice

This is the privacy policy for Valtavalo Oy. We are committed to protecting your personal information and to complying with applicable laws and regulations regarding the processing of personal information.  Below we explain in more detail how we process your personal data.

1. Controller

Name: Valtavalo Oy
Business ID: FI22394530
Address: Sammaltie 14,  90620 Oulu, Finland
Telephone: +358 207 789 880
email: [email protected]

2. Grounds for collecting and processing data

We collect your personal data when you interact with us in various ways. It may include, for example, subscribing to our newsletter, filling in a contact form on our website or ordering products. We use the information stored in the register for customer communication, service and product development as well as marketing.

We primarily receive data from you when you interact with us, in which case we collect and process the data with your consent. In addition, we may also collect and update personal information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy from publicly available sources or contact information service providers. We also apply the ‘legitimate interest’ to collecting and processing personal data. According to ‘legitimate interest’, we have the right to disclose information about our products and services to customers whose tasks include the products and services offered.

3. What data does the register contain?

Our register may contain information related to the customer relationship and contracts, such as information about past and current contracts and orders, contact details and billing information. In addition, the register may contain personal data collected in connection with business events (e.g. registration for an event) or information provided when subscribing to a newsletter or completing a contact form, such as name, contact details and job title.

We use Google Analytics and Leadfeeder tools on our website to obtain information about people who visited the Valtavalo website. These tools allow us to obtain information about the user regarding the technical connection and the terminal device, such as IP address, operating system or other identifying information and cookies. However, it is not possible to identify an individual user by analytics cookies.

4. Data protection and storage period

The data is transferred over an SSL-secured connection. Electronic data is protected by a firewall, usernames, and passwords. Only those persons employed by Valtavalo Oy who need the data for their work are entitled to access the data. The processing of personal data considers the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which will apply from 25.5.2018. All access to personal data is controlled in accordance with good practices.

We keep personal data for as long as necessary for the purpose for which the personal data is used. We regularly assess the necessity of data retention in the light of applicable law. In addition, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that no personal data relating to data subjects which are incompatible with the purposes of the processing, outdated or inaccurate are kept in the register.

5. Disclosure and transfer of data

We are responsible for the personal data we collect. We may disclose information subject to this register to our partners who carry out marketing with us and on our behalf. Otherwise, we will not disclose the information in this register to third parties unless we are required to do so by law or regulation. Personal data will not be transferred outside the EU/EEA unless this is necessary for the technical implementation of Valtavalo or its partner.

6. Rights of the data subject

You have the right to know what information about you is stored in the personal data register and to request the rectification or erasure of inaccurate or outdated information. The right to view data is free of charge at most once a year. You also have the right to withdraw your prior consent to the processing of your data or to object to the use of your data for direct marketing purposes.

7. Use of cookies

We use cookies, small text files that are used to store small pieces of information, on Valtavalo website. They are stored on your device when the Valtavalo website is loaded on your browser. They do not harm your computer or files.

We use Google Analytics and Leadfeeder analytics tools to analyse visitor tracking. They collect information about visitors, including location, domain name, user IP address, browser type, operating system, date and time of visit, duration of visit and other information related to the navigation of the page.

The storage and collection of cookie data is based on the user’s consent, which is given through a pop-up window on the Valtavalo website. The user may also choose to block all cookies or certain types of cookies. The use of cookies can also be prohibited, or cookies can be deleted by changing the settings of the Internet browser.

For more information about our cookie policy, click here.

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