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Customer service weekdays at 9-15 GMT+2 +358 (0)207 789 880

Industrial lighting

High-quality lighting solutions for professional use


Finnish high-quality LED lighting is a cost-effective, sustainable and safe choice for a variety of industrial spaces.

The lighting needs of industrial facilities are diverse – the temperature, size of the facilities and the requirements for illuminance vary greatly. This means the lighting solution must be flexible as well. Demanding industrial spaces also pose special challenges for lighting. For example, high temperature, vibration and air impurities all require the luminaires to be highly durable.

The manufacturing industry was one of the first to discover the benefits of lighting solutions with replaceable light sources, i.e. the ease of maintenance and capability to function even in the most challenging conditions. Our solutions are reliable and durable, which is important in difficult conditions and locations, where replacing parts is difficult.

Good lighting improves occupational safety and increases productivity. Studies show that high-quality lighting helps to improve productivity by 8% on average. It also decreases mistakes and occupational accidents.

To ensure the best possible solution, we draft a tailored lighting plan for each facility, which takes into account our customer’s needs and requirements and complies to the recommendations of indoor lighting standards. More information on the lighting for a selection of industries can be found below.

Food industry

The products used for illumination in the food industry must be shatterproof, easy to clean and they must be able to withstand pressure washing. The high room temperatures in bakeries, for example, also demand high performance from the luminaires.

For food industry facilities, we recommend the Prima Plus luminaire, which is HACCP compliant. As light sources, we recommend the shatterproof G4 and G5 LED tubes and the E3+ LED tube that has a glass body protected with a shatterproof plastic coating. With its ability to withstand high temperatures (+70°C), the G5 High Temp LED tube is the perfect choice for bakeries, among others.

Forest and paper industry

When designing lighting for forest and paper industry facilities, it is important to ensure and prevent stroboscopic effects, which make parts moving at certain speeds look immobile. The effect is caused by insufficient or badly designed lighting and can lead to accidents. Steady light is paramount for creating a safe working environment in forest and paper industry facilities. The Valtavalo G-series LED tubes provide flicker-free illumination, which prevents dangerous situations, such as a saw blade looking completely immobile.

In addition to increased occupational safety, sufficient and high-quality lighting has been proven to promote occupational well-being and alertness at work, which means illumination has a direct effect on work efficiency as well.

For forest and paper industry facilities, we recommend the Prima plus or Prima trio luminaires paired with the flicker-free and extremely durable G-series LED light sources.

Metal industry

Metal industry processes often produce dust and fumes, so the luminaires in these facilities must be well-protected. Machining is a key process in the industry, and the facilities often feature a number of different lifting devices. Even though the number of luminaires to be installed with replaceable light sources is larger than with high-bay luminaires, for example, luminaires with replaceable light sources guarantee steadier light even in facilities with overhead cranes.

The luminaires have a long service life and they are easy to maintain, which are important qualities in facilities where replacement and maintenance work are hard or expensive to carry out.

The Prima plus and Prima trio luminaires are protected against dust and fumes (IP66). They are easy to clean and can be installed both on walls and the ceiling. Combined with these luminaires, the G series LED light sources ensure hassle-free illumination for years to come. The G5 High Power LED tube is a particularly good choice for these kinds of facilities.

Electronics and electrical industry

When designing lighting solutions for the electronics industry, the needs for stable light, high illuminance and glare prevention must be taken into account. In the electrical industry, the luminaires must be well-protected against dust and fine particles.

For high-quality lighting we recommend, for example Teva slim, Prima plus and Prima trio, Beat and Pro. G-series LED tubes with long service lives are an ideal choice as light sources for these facilities.


Light regulates the physiology of livestock since it affects the melatonin production and circadian rhythm of the animals. Optimising the lighting in agricultural facilities can increase the well-being and productiveness of livestock. A common example is the increase in milk production of dairy cattle seen when illumination in animals’ housing is set at 16 hours of illumination and eight hours of lower light (night lighting).

For agriculture, we especially recommend the Prima Plus and Ancora luminaires, which are easy to clean, durable and well-protected (IP66/65). The Ancora model is also resistant to a variety of chemicals. Especially in livestock housing, the number of hours of use is large, which is why the G4 and G5 LED tubes with long service lives are an ideal choice as light sources for these facilities.

Marine industry

Aboard marine vessels, electrical and electronic devices are put to the test by the fluctuating voltage and frequency of the power system. The vibration caused by waves, the propulsion system, the engine, and sailing through ice in the winter are also challenging for lighting products. The luminaires must be able to handle the vibration without breaking or causing dangerous situations, like fires.

Due to their shock and vibration resistance, Valtavalo’s G-series LED light sources are an excellent choice for ships, both as retrofits and completely new installations. Their fully automatic manufacturing process ensures durable fittings, good compatibility of components and consistent quality.

Product recommendations: Mirko (corridors and other public spaces), Mandy (corridors, cabins), Uniqa (office spaces), Beat (dry storage, corridors and office spaces) and Prima plus (technical and outdoor spaces).


If we haven’t convinced you on the superiority of our LED solutions, would you believe our very satisfied customers?

The goal was to save energy and increase the amount of light. We replaced about 7000 fluorescent tubes with 6000 Valtavalo LED tubes, and the work environment has become brighter for everyone.
- Erik Liljegren, Automation engineer, Suzuki Garphyttan AB, Sweden
The comprehensive lighting renovation carried out by Valtavalo in our production facilities brought significant energy savings as well as easy maintenance.
- Jan Persson, Orkla Foods Sverige AB, Kungshamn, Sweden
Valtavalo carried out a comprehensive turnkey lighting reform in our premises. We were looking for an energy-efficient, long-lasting and easy-to-maintain lighting, and in Valtavalo's solution, all the above criteria are met perfectly.
- Saku Salminen, Environmental engineer, SOE Busproduction Finland Oy
We’ve been using Valtavalo LED tubes for a few years now and found them durable and luminous. We have achieved significant savings with lower operating costs and reduced maintenance costs.
- Markus Snellman, Technical director, Oy Snellman AB, Finland
The goal of this project was find a solution for challenging industrial environment. After testing products from several LED lighting suppliers, we selected Valtavalo Oy as its supplier. LED tubes manufactured by Valtavalo Oy proved to be the most durable and energy efficient LED tubes available in the market.
- Mats Andersson, Manager, Höganäs AB


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