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Customer service weekdays at 9-15 GMT+2 +358 (0)207 789 880

G5 Regular

Replaceable light sources made in Finland



A long service life and leading quality ensure significant savings in maintenance costs especially in hard-to-access areas.

The tested durable body of G-series LED tubes combined with higher energy-efficient and heat tolerant electronics as well as more luminous LED modules make the new G5 LED tube the most luminous replaceable LED light source in the market. Unique electrical and mechanical design, high-quality components and automatic manufacturing provide exceptional lighting quality year after year, also in challenging conditions. Valtavalo LED tubes are compatible with luminaires containing magnetic ballast and also suitable for direct mains operation.

A luminaire with a replaceable light source is an ecological and high-quality solution that saves money and nature. Maintenance and upkeep costs are considerably reduced since lighting can easily be updated by replacing the light source in the luminaire.

Why Valtavalo G5 Regular?

Standardised replaceable LED light source 

What do you do when the light goes out? Do you need to replace the whole luminaire or, in the worst case, to do a total lighting renovation if you can’t find completely identical LED luminaries on the market anymore? What if you could do the update simply by replacing LED tubes with new ones? Quick, easy and cost-efficient!


Automatic manufacturing and comprehensive testing before releasing ensure uniform premium quality and reliability. A long service life (125,000 hours) and leading quality ensure significant savings in maintenance costs especially in hard-to-access areas.

Improved well-being and increased productivity

The flickering of electric lights can lead to a misjudgement of hazardous situations and be dangerous in places where it is important to accurately see the moving parts of machines. In addition, it may have a negative effect on the wellbeing and health of people causing headaches and stress on the brain and making it more dif cult to focus on work. As a result, flicker-free light plays a significant role in improving wellbeing at work as well as in preventing occupational accidents particularly in industrial fields.

Made in Finland 

Manufactured on a fully automated production line in Valtavalo’s own production plant in Finland.

G-sarjan LED-valoputket.

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