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How to replace fluorescent lamps now that they’re disappearing?
20.5.2022/Martin Persson
Now it is a good time to consider how to replace existing fluorescent lighting in the future. What are the possibilities and what to consider?
Fluorescent tubes will soon be a thing of the past
5.4.2022/Maija Alasalmi
Use of mercury has been allowed in certain light sources, such as T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes. However, this is set to change next year.
New Ecodesign directive contributes to circular economy
11.5.2021/Maija Alasalmi
New Ecodesign directive contributes to circular economy and underlines the replaceability of light sources
Energy label to be renewed in 2021
6.4.2021/Maija Alasalmi
From 1 March 2021, the new version of energy label is applicable in all shops and online retailers for four product categories.
Fire safety may be one reason to upgrade your old fluorescent tube lighting to LEDs 
13.8.2019/Markku Laatikainen
Replacing old fluorescent tubes with LED tubes has been found to be an easy and inexpensive way to improve the fire safety of lighting.
Nothing seems permanent in the lighting market except change
22.1.2019/Markku Laatikainen
Even though the storm raised by LED technology is passing over, the lighting market is still in the middle of turbulent years.
Will EU bring back lamps and luminaires?
29.5.2018/Maija Alasalmi
DRAFT European regulations seen by Lux have raised the possibility of a return to the days of lighting fixtures with replaceable lamps.
The right kind of lighting benefits companies in many ways
15.2.2018/Maija Alasalmi
Good lighting has been proven to have a positive impact on the performance, health and general wellbeing of employees of all ages.
A quick return on investment does not guarantee a low life cycle cost
10.11.2017/Markku Laatikainen
The solution that is the cheapest to buy may have the quickest return on investment, but turn out to be the most expensive solution in the long term.
“The Miracle of Kajaani” – one story of domestic production
20.3.2017/Markku Laatikainen
In a recent meeting, one of our cooperation partners mentioned that the world’s LED tubes are nowadays made either in China, or in the city of Kajaani, Finland.
Why should I choose a LED tube instead of an integrated LED fixture?
13.3.2017/Markku Laatikainen
There is no short answer to the question; both product segments have their own optimal use environments. Let us consider this interesting and topical subject.
Too good to be true? Are LED lights really as good as promised?
2.2.2017/Matti Tossavainen
As the range of LED lighting products is expanding rapidly, end users often have to wade through a sea of different products and promises.
Valtavalo proudly presents: E3 LED tube – Unprecedented quality in its price category
17.11.2016/Markku Laatikainen
E3 LED tubes are positioned in the highly competitive category of professional quality lighting and straight to the top of its class.
Watch out for pitfalls when investing in LED lighting
22.9.2016/Jarmo Lahti
LED technology has become very popular, for the simple reason that it can be used to produce high-quality light in a significantly more energy-efficient way.
LED tubes of twelve major brands reviewed by LuxReview: Valtavalo’s flicker-free G4 LED tube was a great success
2.6.2016/Maija Alasalmi
The English LuxReview periodically carries out tests on lighting products, the latest being a test of LED tubes.
Replace your lighting without any investments – pay for it with the savings
19.5.2016/Markku Laatikainen
Lighting as a service encourages companies and the public sector to replace old fluorescent tubes with an option that saves the environment, energy and money.

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