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Customer service weekdays at 9-15 GMT+2 +358 (0)207 789 880

Store lighting

High-quality lighting solutions for professional use


Lighting design is one the most important factors in the overall design of a retail store. Well-designed retail lighting increases sales and reduces costs arising from illumination. Quality illumination also improves the well-being of the sales personnel and makes the store a more pleasant place to work.

When choosing a lighting solution for a retail store, it is important to consider the level of illuminance and proper colour rendering. High-quality LED lighting makes the colour of clothing items pop and displays their style efficiently. In the fruit and vegetable section of grocery stores, lighting products with high colour rendering accuracy that bring out the colour of the fresh products, are often used.

The indoor lighting standard recommends a light level of 300 lux for retail stores, excluding the checkout areas. However, in most cases it is useful to implement a level of 500 lux, and sometimes even higher levels of light are used. In retail stores, lighting of aisles is key. If a store plan with shelves indicated exists, a lighting calculation can be carried out to ensure that illumination will be sufficient and stable.

Lighting renovations usually aim for an energy efficient, long-lasting and easily maintained lighting solution, and a solution with replaceable light sources meets all these requirements. It is easy and cost-efficient to maintain, since usually all the maintenance that is needed is replacing the light sources. The long service life of LED light sources also lowers the required maintenance frequency. For a high-quality retail store lighting solution, we recommend the Teva slim, Beat and Uniqa, luminaires with G- or E-series LED light sources, manufactured in Finland.


If we haven’t convinced you on the superiority of our LED solutions, would you believe our very satisfied customers?

We are very happy with the brighter store. In addition to saving energy, the Finnish high-quality LED tubes have reduced the need for lighting maintenance.
- Hannu Tauriainen, Prisma Hypermarket, Hollola, Finland
We have plenty of light now and it is of high quality, so all the details stand out well. Also our customers have thanked us for the bright new look of the store.
- Sampo Valtonen, Car store manager, Pörhön Autoliike Oy, Finland
We are very happy with our new lighting. Our whole store seems brighter, and the long service life and energy efficiency of the solution also make it environmentally friendly.
- Lars Wiss, Retailer, Hemköp Bollebygd, Sweden
In addition to a clear improvement in the energy efficiency, we wanted to modernise the level of illumination in the store, and considerably increase the lux level compared to the old lighting with fluorescent tubes.
- Keijo Tuikka, Facility manager, Prisma Hypermarket, Kajaani, Finland
We are very happy with the new look in the store. The amount of light has increased and we have received good feedback both from our sales personnel and from the staff working at our warehouse.
- Juha Rönkkö, Facility Manager, AD VaraosaMaailma, Kuopio, Finland
Our staff is very satisfied with the new lighting. Also our customers have noticed the good quality of light. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers - the most used expression is ’fresh’.
- Martta Kauranen, Store Manager, Jysk Sastamala, Finland


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