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Customer service weekdays at 9-15 GMT+2 +358 (0)207 789 880

Office lighting

High-quality lighting solutions for professional use


On average, office workers spend half of their day at the office. This means that the working environment is very significant for occupational well-being and productivity.

Well-designed and implemented office lighting increases productivity and suits the different lighting needs of various situations. Insufficient illuminance or the invisible flicker of light sources can cause headaches and back and neck issues as well as increasing eyes strain. With high-quality LED lights in your office, these effects can be reduced. Signs of a good office lighting solutions include sufficient amount of light, consistency and stability of light in work areas, glare-free illuminance and flicker-free light sources.

Office lighting covers lobbies, hallways, break rooms and kitchen areas, offices and meeting rooms, and lighting should be planned for each space individually. High-quality lighting imitating sun light is particularly important in offices with no windows.

Valtavalo’s product selection includes several suitable options (for example the UniqaUniqa with direct/indirect illumination, Uniqa installed with a lighting track or the Beat luminaire) for office spaces. We recommend equipping the luminaires with our G-series LED light sources that provide practically flicker-free illuminance and help improve your employee’s well-being. In addition, motion detectors can be installed for individual workstations to maximise energy savings.


If we haven’t convinced you on the superiority of our LED solutions, would you believe our very satisfied customers?

Valtavalo carried out a comprehensive turnkey lighting reform in our premises. We were looking for an energy-efficient, long-lasting and easy-to-maintain lighting, and in Valtavalo's solution, all the above criteria are met perfectly.
- Saku Salminen, Environmental engineer, SOE Busproduction Finland Oy
We have plenty of light now and it is of high quality, so all the details stand out well. Also our customers have thanked us for the bright new look of the store.
- Sampo Valtonen, Car store manager, Pörhön Autoliike Oy, Finland
Compared to our old lighting, the new solution is considerably brighter and more efficient. Our employees are very happy with the renovation. According to them, the difference between the old solution and the new solution is like night and day!
- Leif Byrstrand, PostNord Sverige AB, Hallsberg, Sweden
We are very happy with the brighter store. In addition to saving energy, the Finnish high-quality LED tubes have reduced the need for lighting maintenance.
- Hannu Tauriainen, Prisma Hypermarket, Hollola, Finland
We’ve been using Valtavalo LED tubes for a few years now and found them durable and luminous. We have achieved significant savings with lower operating costs and reduced maintenance costs.
- Markus Snellman, Technical director, Oy Snellman AB, Finland


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