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Customer service weekdays at 9-15 GMT+2 +358 (0)207 789 880

Hospital lighting

High-quality lighting solutions for professional use


In a hospital setting, high-quality, a long service life and a good efficiency ratio are a must for the lighting solution, because the number of hours of use is very high.

Hospitals need light all day, every day. Well-designed lighting takes the needs of the patients and the healthcare professionals into account. It makes the hospital environment more pleasant and improves the job satisfaction and efficiency of care personnel.

Hospitals have a variety of spaces for a selection of different uses, and all of them require illuminance that best serves the function of each individual space. Recommendations for the light level vary greatly between the types of spaces. The recommendation for wards is 100 lux, while a level of 1000 lux is required for the general lighting of operating theatres.

Quality is always a priority in a hospital environment. The luminaires must be safe, which means the used technologies must be reliable and the light stable. The luminaires must also be easy to clean. Since the number of hours of use is large, the lighting solution must also have a long service life and a good efficiency ratio. It also must be considered that many examination rooms require excellent colour rendering (Ra ≥ 90). The E3 and G4 LED tubes are also available with a high colour rendering index.

The share of lighting in the overall energy consumption of hospitals is large and implementing a modern LED lighting solution can reduce energy consumption significantly.


If we haven’t convinced you on the superiority of our LED solutions, would you believe our very satisfied customers?

Energy efficiency of our lighting has exceeded the suppliers’ calculations meaning much faster than expected payback time and significantly improved Return on Investment (ROI).
- Rauno Karjalainen, Director of the Technical Department, Lapland Hospital, Finland
Valtavalo carried out a comprehensive turnkey lighting reform in our premises. We were looking for an energy-efficient, long-lasting and easy-to-maintain lighting, and in Valtavalo's solution, all the above criteria are met perfectly.
- Saku Salminen, Environmental engineer, SOE Busproduction Finland Oy
We have plenty of light now and it is of high quality, so all the details stand out well. Also our customers have thanked us for the bright new look of the store.
- Sampo Valtonen, Car store manager, Pörhön Autoliike Oy, Finland
Compared to our old lighting, the new solution is considerably brighter and more efficient. Our employees are very happy with the renovation. According to them, the difference between the old solution and the new solution is like night and day!
- Leif Byrstrand, PostNord Sverige AB, Hallsberg, Sweden
We are very happy with the brighter store. In addition to saving energy, the Finnish high-quality LED tubes have reduced the need for lighting maintenance.
- Hannu Tauriainen, Prisma Hypermarket, Hollola, Finland


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