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LED luminaires with replaceable light source

Linear luminaire for office and kitchen workstations

Usual sites for the Mandy model include office and kitchen workstations where a slim luminaire is required. The luminaire can be installed on ceilings and walls. The socket and the switch available as accessories make the Mandy luminaire a versatile option. The default colour is white, but the Mandy luminaire is also available in grey and black.

The luminaire’s replaceable light source is an EN 62776 standardised LED tube that can be replaced when necessary without a need to consider the manufacturer. We recommend the brilliant Valtavalo G5 LED tubes as light sources. With the G5 Dimmable LED tube, the luminaire’s light can be dimmed with a separate trailing edge dimmer. The luminaire can also be delivered with a dimmable LED tube and control unit suitable for SwitchDim or DALI solutions.

LED-valaisimet / Mandy-valaisin vaihdettavalla valonlähteellä.

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Product leaflet for Mandy
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