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Valtavalo initiates public equity offering – aiming for rapid international growth


Valtavalo Oy, which recently quadrupled the production capacity of its LED tube factory in Kajaani, Finland, announced that it has initiated a public equity offering on 28 November 2018 in cooperation with Invesdor. Aiming for rapid growth, Valtavalo is offering a 7.77–17.51 share of the company up for subscription. The subscription price of one share is EUR 36.00 and the minimum investment is 25 shares.

We are aiming for a good half a million euro pot for growth and the development of our international business,” says Markku Laatikainen, CEO of Valtavalo.

Daring and believing in what we do, even in the face of a world seemingly going the other way, are hallmarks of Valtavalo. Our company has followed its own vision, instead of imitating others,” adds Laatikainen.

The company, which celebrates its ten-year anniversary this year, was established boldly during the heat of the financial crisis in 2008. The company was founded on a completely new innovation, the LED tube light. This was something completely new on the market. A Chinese manufacturer was contracted for initial runs, but production was soon brought back to Finland – at a time when outsourcing everything was still the trend. Chinese production seemed unlikely to be able to satisfy the quality requirements of the highly demanding industrial customers.

From China to Finland

Valtavalo was among the first Finnish companies to go through with this “reverse China phenomenon”, and the first LED tube of entirely domestic design and production was completed in 2012.  It laid the foundation of Valtavalo’s reputation as a manufacturer of durable and extremely long-life professional lighting products. Since then, quality has become an important part of the company’s identity.

November 2018 marked a rare opportunity for people to become a part of our company’s story. Our net sales have increased steadily at an annual rate of approximately 20 per cent, and half of our net sales currently derive from exports,” says Laatikainen.

Several new products introduced to the market

The first-rate G series – known as Valtavalo’s flagship product and an international test success – has been continued. In October–November, the company introduced four new LED tube models based on the G series to the market. The tested and proven, durable body of the G series has been renewed with increasingly energy-efficient electronics with a higher tolerance for heat and with more luminous LEDs, and a result of up to 180 lm/w luminosity.

The G series product family has also grown with a number of special products, and the range now includes a High Power LED tube which produces a whopping 5,900 lm of light, the world’s first modern dimming and control technologies in long-life LED tubes, as well as a LED tube for high temperatures, particularly suitable for challenging conditions (up to +70°C).

Valtavalo’s LED tubes are designed and manufactured in Finland. They are Finnish Key Flag products. All of Valtavalo’s LED tubes can be equipped with a body suitable for your particular needs and a number of different fixing methods.

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