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The most long-lasting LED tubes are made in Finland: Valtavalo introduces 7-year warranty on its G3+ LED tubes


The Finnish LED tube manufacturer Valtavalo Ltd promises the longest lifetime – and the longest warranty – on the market for its G3+ LED tubes. Under normal conditions, the average lifetime of a G3+ LED tube may be up to 125,000 hours.

As proof of their exceptionally high quality, Valtavalo introduces a seven-year warranty on its LED tubes.

“We have been selling Finnish LED tubes for almost three years. As a result of our ongoing R&D work, recent adjustments in our products enable us to offer improved products with even better longevity and warranty. The product’s lifetime and warranty which we vouch for are signs of exceptionally high quality, even by Finnish standards”, says CEO Markku Laatikainen from Valtavalo.

Designed to withstand extreme conditions, the G3+ LED tube can withstand vibration, as well as high and low temperatures. To guarantee the high quality of its products, Valtavalo uses only the best components and solutions, even when they cost more.

Fully automated manufacturing and testing

Valtavalo’s manufacturing and testing process is fully automated to eliminate quality variation.

Each LED tube is subjected to an automated test of, among other things, its luminous intensity, colour temperature, colour rendition, spectrum, power factor, harmonic distortion and power consumption. In addition, hipot i.e. dielectric withstand test is conducted for all products.

The data on every item are entered into a database where they can be found based on the QR code or serial number marked on the products.

The lifetime of LED products depends a lot on their mechanical design as well as the quality of their components and assembly. At Valtavalo, these issues are key in our product design”, says CTO Tuukka Prykäri about Valtavalo’s product philosophy.

Valtavalo’s G3+ LED tube is also one of the first LED tubes on the market, which has been manufactured in accordance to the recent LED tube standard. The standard EN 62776, issued in December 2014, contains guidelines for ensuring the compatibility of different manufacturers’ LED tubes and harmonising testing practices for market supervision.

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