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New standard boosts the market for LED tubes


To date, LED tubes are the first and only form of LED lighting to receive an international, harmonised standard (EN 62776).

After a process which took several years, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) approved the standard on 11 December 2014. The standardisation makes it possible to manufacture LED tubes that are compatible with conventional T8 fluorescent tubes. Moreover, the standard defines the characteristics required of LED tubes to make them mutually compatible.
Thanks to the new standard, it is possible to replace old fluorescent lighting tubes with LED tubes and, in the future, use standardised LED tubes regardless of brand.

The standard defines the characteristics of a LED tube, such as its mechanical durability, physical dimensions and electrical characteristics. It also sets down the required markings on the products as well as uniform testing practices.

Through the standard, the usability of all products on the market will be as uniform as possible.

The usability and safety of LED lighting tubes will improve, which can be expected to considerably speed up the switch from fluorescent tubes to LED tubes. Compared to conventional lighting tubes, LED tubes are energy-saving and last a lot longer.

Valtavalo participated in drafting the standard from the start

For us, this is a really great thing, a landmark, as we have been active in opening up the market for LED tubes in Finland and, to some extent, in the other Nordic countries. We have also participated in drafting the standard from the start”, says CEO Markku Laatikainen from Valtavalo.

It is nice to see that we might have had a little impact on the whole sector, seeing that the market was ready to abandon LED tubes as a technology around 2008–2010. We see LED tubes as an excellent counter to the throwaway culture which, unfortunately, often dictates the technologies adopted by society and business alike. Now high-quality, long-life and standardised LED tubes can become more common both in Finland and elsewhere.”

Last autumn, Valtavalo launched its G3+ LED tube, which is one of the first LED tubes manufactured in accordance to the harmonised standard.

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