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Test success for Finland – Valtavalo G5 directly to the top of LED tubes


In August, the esteemed British lighting industry publication LuxReview tested the products of six international LED tube manufacturers at the LIA laboratory in Telford. The tests performed at Europe’s most prominent laboratory specialising in the testing of lighting products included the Finnish company Valtavalo, the leading manufacturer of LED tubes in the Nordic Countries. The company’s new product, the G5 LED tube, climbed to the top of the test group. In addition to Valtavalo, the test included products from Philips, Osram, Tungsram, Kosnic and Mackwell LLL.

The LED tubes were tested for their luminous efficacy (lm/w), power, colour rendering, colour temperature and power factor.

This test success is particularly rewarding as the test did not even take into consideration all the great features of our LED tube, such as the perfectly non-flickering light. The test result continues our earlier successes, including tests by Tekniikan Maailma (2013) and LuxReview (2016), which included predecessors of our flagship product. So our products have been tested to be the best in the world”, says Markku Laatikainen, CEO of Valtavalo, with pride.

Valtavalo specialises in replaceable LED light sources, more specifically in LED tubes. At its factory in Kajaani, Finland, the company manufactures LED tubes under its own brand and also subcontracts for several other companies.Two automated assembly lines produce LED tube products for both general lighting applications and for special purposes, such as plant growing or decreasing harmful microbes. Both lines are capable of manufacturing all the most common tube sizes from 45 cm to 150 cm in length.

One of Valtavalo’s guiding principles has been to offer the key strengths of integrated LED lights in the form of a replaceable LED tube, and this is something professional lighting markets value.

Today, long service life or warranty time, intelligent lighting control or tolerance to high temperatures are no longer exclusive to integrated LED lights”, says CTO Tuukka Prykäri, who is responsible for the development of Valtavalo LED tubes.

The new G5 product family offers a suitable alternative for all installation sites, whether they entail very high temperatures (up to +70°C), a need for high luminous efficacy for precision work or the need for dimming. In addition, we offer an extensive range of luminaire frame models, as well as lighting design”, he continues.

Valtavalo LED tubes can be retrofitted directly in existing fluorescent luminaires that include a magnetic ballast. Luminaires with an electronic ballast, on the other hand, can be rewired by an electrician to accommodate LED tubes.

Insurance companies and electrical contractors specialising in proactive electrical safety favour replacing old fluorescent tube installations with safe LED tube installations, because old fluorescent tubes have been found to increase the risk of fire”, Prykäri says.

Valtavalo does not manufacture LED tubes that are directly compatible with an electronic ballast and does not recommend using them due to the related compatibility challenges and the need for regular replacement of the old ballast, which causes extra cost and work.Instead, Valtavalo guarantees that its products fit perfectly in old luminaires rewired by an electrician, as in this case the luminaire only contains the frame and the tube holders with their wiring, which the electrician checks for correct operation during rewiring.

The G5 LED tubes are manufactured in Kajaani, Finland, and bear the Finnish Key Flag Symbol.

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