Valtavalo Oy and Philips Lighting have signed a patent agreement with which Valtavalo obtains a licence to patented technologies owned by Philips Lighting.

Our current LED tube business did not as such infringe on the patent portfolio held by Philips, but the patents licensed under the agreement will give us freer hands in the future to develop and launch new, exciting products. Our intention is to create an increasingly well-functioning ecosystem around LED tubes as an alternative to integrated LED fixtures in cooperation with other operators in the field”, says Valtavalo CEO Markku Laatikainen.

Philips Lighting owns a considerable number of patents. Through its licensing program, it strives to encourage innovation, promote the growth of the field and bring new opportunities to the expanding LED market.

A dedicated licensing program has been developed for parties manufacturing and selling LED fixtures and LED tubes. The program offers access to patents for existing LED control systems and basic level technologies. The program consists of more than 200 different innovations, leading to more than one thousand individual patent rights and applications.

After rather long but fruitful patent negotiations, it is great to have reached an agreement. We are happy on how the license discussions went”, Laatikainen says.