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Cost-efficiency and a competitive edge with energy-efficient LED tube lights


Updating old fluorescent lights into energy-efficient LED lighting has traditionally demanded big oneoff investments, which has left the old fluorescents still flickering in the ceilings of many offices and warehouses. The Finnish company Valtavalo Oy has recently launched a concept called Valtavalo Vaivaton (= effortless), in which a lighting upgrade can be paid in monthly instalments, bringing the business significant savings at once.

The Valtavalo Vaivaton service includes a free initial inspection, in which the current lighting is assessed, and plans for improvement are made. LED lighting with the longest lifetime in the market is then installed. Maintenance costs are included in the service, and in effect, Valtavalo will take careof the lighting in the customer’s facilities for the contract period of five years.

The costs of Valtavalo Vaivaton are in most cases significantly lower than using the current lighting — which means that the customer has already budgeted for the service while budgeting for the current electricity bill. Savings will come from a decreased power consumption, freeing up the fixed capital invested in lighting, and the elimination of maintenance costs.

Valtavalo’s CEO Markku Laatikainen gives an example of a logistics business which benefits from considerable savings using the Valtavalo Vaivaton service.

The old fluorescent lighting has monthly costs of 2450 euros. The Valtavalo Vaivaton monthly rate plus the electric bill of the new LED lighting comes to less than 1000 euros a month altogether. Thus, the savings in the five year contract period will amount to almost 70 000 euros, CEO Laatikainen calculates.

Valtavalo Vaivaton saves both money and the environment

Valtavalo wants to produce durable and long-lasting products that help save the environment. The products are manufactured in Finland using environment-friendly methods and packaged in recycled or recyclable materials. The LED tubes themselves will save an outstanding amount of energy and CO2 emissions during their life span.

The light advertisement experts at Imagon Oy in Kajaani ordered LED lighting for their production hall through the Valtavalo Vaivaton service this spring.

The ecological aspect of the service is important to us, and there is of course no harm in saving a substantial sum of money at the same time,” says Mika Okkonen, Imagon’s Chairman of the Board.

Angry Birds Activity Park in Vuokatti has also been using safe and energy-efficient LED lighting for some time now.

Everyday operations take up all our energy, and we don’t always have the time to delve into the details of infrastructure management. The Valtavalo Vaivaton service is a great match for us. It would have been crazy not to choose the service, since the savings start right away with no risk, says Taneli Sutinen, CEO of Vuokatti SuperPark Oy.

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