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Is the CE mark a guarantee of safety? Valtavalo’s G4 LED tube receives an ENEC/FI certificate


Valtavalo, the Finnish manufacturer of LED tubes, has certified its flagship product, the G4 LED tube, in compliance with the international ENEC process. SGS Fimko granted certification for the product in January following a series of exacting tests.

The certification mark granted by SGS Fimko is an independent pan-European quality mark for electrical equipment. Obtaining it requires, among other things, independent tests and independent quality control. ENEC certification guarantees that the product was tested according to current safety standards, and is therefore safe to use. ENEC/FI certification requires that the production is continuously assessed and follow-up tests are done on the products annually, by SGS Fimko. SGS Fimko’s ENEC mark is recognised in several European countries besides Finland.

The G4 LED tube, which has also done well in an international comparison of LED tubes, also obtained the CB/FI marking in connection with the certification. The CE marking is compulsory for most products sold in the European Economic Area, but it is not granted by any specific party. Instead, the marking is based on the manufacturer’s or importer’s own assessment that the product meets the relevant requirements in Europe. Instead, obtaining the FI mark always requires testing in a competent testing laboratory, and it is only granted to products passing exacting tests and inspections. The FI safety mark is recognised in all countries in the European Economic Area.

The quality of Valtavalo’s products is guaranteed by the fact that they are manufactured in our own production facility in Kajaani, Finland. Only high-quality components are used in our LED tubes, and each tube is carefully tested. The assembly line includes an integrated and fully automatic testing unit, where all essential electrical and photometric values are measured for each tube.

Valtavalo LED tubes are Finnish products bearing a Key Flag Symbol.

We want to promote a culture where Finnish quality and reliability are at the focus, as these allow us to produce lasting benefits and value for our customers and the whole society”, says Valtavalo CEO Markku Laatikainen.

SGS Fimko has been testing products since 1928 and has become a testing and certifying company of international renown. SGS Fimko is one of the leading testing and certification companies in the electrical, electronic, machinery and gas appliance field in Europe. SGS Fimko is also active in Asia, where SGS Fimko and its FI mark are wellknown.

In 2000 SGS Fimko became a member of the SGS Group the world’s leading testing, inspection, verification and certification company. In addition to FI mark SGS Fimko grants several other international certificates which facilitate your access to the global market in an efficient way.

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