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Imagon has reduced lighting costs effortlessly


Imagon Oy is a family business specialising in illuminated advertising. The company is based in Kajaani, approximately 550 kilometres north of Helsinki. In April 2015, the company had LED tubes installed in its production facilities as part of the Valtavalo Vaivaton turnkey service concept. In practice, this means that Valtavalo will be responsible for the lighting and its maintenance for the five-year contract period.

Valtavalo guarantees that the Vaivaton solution will bring savings and that the level of lighting will remain the same or even improve. The goal is to reduce the electricity consumption of the lighting by 70%, which means considerable cost savings. Judging from the first measurements carried out at Imagon’s production facilities, this goal will be achieved.

 If a customer chooses our Vaivaton service and LED tubes, which save energy and have a long service life, we guarantee that the customer will immediately begin to achieve cost savings. Above all, however, customers appreciate the effortlessness,” says Markku Laatikainen, CEO of Valtavalo, about the recently introduced concept.

For us, this was an easy choice to make. We had previously cooperated with Valtavalo in our own customer projects and knew their products to be reliable. In addition, we had already budgeted for replacing the lighting. We used to pay more to the electricity company every month than we are now paying for electricity for lighting and the Valtavalo Vaivaton service combined,” says Mika Okkonen from Imagon.

Imagon’s production facilities are lit by 256 lighting units, which are on for approximately 2,200 hours per year. In addition to having new LED lighting, the company will save around EUR 10,000 over the five-year contract period.

Compared to our old lighting solution, we are actually making a profit each month, and we won’t need to do anything about the lighting for at least five years,” says Okkonen.

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