LED-Uniqa is an elegant LED luminaire for offices and public premises. Typical applications include offices and conference facilities as well as commercial spaces and other public environments. LED-Uniqa can be suspended or installed with lighting track or directly to the ceiling. It does not contain separate ballasts, so in addition to normal cleaning, it doesn’t require other maintenance than replacing the LED tube when the lifetime has come to its end.

LED-Uniqa is available in two models: for two LED tubes (left) and one LED tube (right).


Downloadable files
LED-Uniqa product brochure (ENG) 1.1 Brochure for LED-Uniqa in English
Led-Uniqa-G4 Eulumdat files for LED-Uniqa G4 Cri80 & Cri90 - 09/2019
E3_Uniqa_Cri80 Eulumdat files for LED-Uniqa E3 CRI80 - 07/2017
E3-Uniqa-Cri90 Eulumdat files for LED-Uniqa E3 CRI90 - 07/2017
LED_Uniqa-E3Plus-Cri80 Eulumdat files for LED-Uniqa E3+ Cri80 - 08/2019
Uniqa-G5-Cri80 Eulumdat files for LED-Uniqa G5 Cri80 (Dimmable, High Power, High Temp and Regular) - updated 07/2019