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LED Ancora

LED-Ancora is an industrial luminaire designed for challenging operating conditions. Due to the housing made of fibre-reinforced polyester and the cover made of PMMA, it is particularly suitable for agricultural buildings. Typical applications include also workshop halls, warehouses, corridors, subway tunnels, cellars, mills, gas stations etc. Waterproof IP65 LED-Ancora can also be installed outdoors, when covered and protected from direct weather conditions.

LED-Ancora is available in two versions: for one or two LED tubes.

Downloadable files
LED Ancora brochure 2.1 (ENG) LED-Ancora brochure (ENG)
Led-Ancora-E3-Cri80 Eulumdat files for LED-Ancora E3 CRI80 - updated 06/2017
Led-Ancora-E3-Cri90 Eulumdat files for LED-Ancora E3 CRI90 - updated 06/2017
Led_Ancora-E3Plus-Cri80 Eulumdat files for LED-Ancora E3+ Cri80 - updated 08/2019
Led-Ancora-G4 Eulumdat files for LED-Ancora G4 Cri80 & Cri90 - updated 09/2019
Led_Ancora-G5-Cri80 Eulumdat files for LED-Ancora G5 Cri80 (Dimmable, High Power, High Temp and Regular) - updated 07/2019