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Replaceable light sources made in Finland


When conventional lighting control is not enough or when there is a need for several different lighting levels in the same space, the Dimmable LED tube is an ideal option.

The Dimmable LED tube can be used with trailing edge dimmer or integrated into a larger system using separate luminaire-specific SwitchDim or DALI controllers. Dimmable LED tubes help to save even more energy than conventional LED tubes.

Based on the new aluminium-framed G6 series, Valtavalo Dimmable also meets the requirements of the new Ecodesign Directive in terms of flicker. The requirements of the Directive for flicker values are given when the light source is operating at full power and when dimming, the amount of flicker is also affected by the dimmer used.

A luminaire with a replaceable light source is an ecological and high-quality solution that saves money and nature. Maintenance and upkeep costs are considerably reduced since lighting can easily be updated by replacing the light source in the luminaire.

Why Valtavalo Dimmable?

Dimmable light source

There are several dimming options to choose from: the trailing edge dimmer for lighting control in small premises, SwitchDim solution for manual control in larger premises with lots of lighting devices and Dali solution for automatic lighting control in larger premises with lots of lighting devices.

Industry-leading quality 

Uniform premium quality and reliability are ensured by unique mechanical design, high-quality components as well as automatic manufacturing and comprehensive testing before releasing.


A long service life and leading quality ensure significant savings in maintenance costs especially in hard-to-access areas. Dimmable LED tubes help you save even more energy compared to conventional LED tubes, because less energy is used for reduces output levels.

Made in Finland 

Manufactured on a fully automated production line in Valtavalo’s own production plant in Finland.

G-sarjan LED-valoputket.

Downloadable files

Product leaflet for G5 Dimmable LED tube
9.2.2022/1.73 MB/pdf
Product leaflet for G6 Dimmable LED tube
10.11.2022/1.64 MB/pdf


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