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Customer service weekdays at 9-15 GMT+2 +358 (0)207 789 880

E3 Plus

Replaceable light sources made in Finland


The E3+ LED tube offers a traditional glass frame, familiar from the product segment, with shatterproof plastic coating.

It has been upgraded with more powerful LEDs, providing an output of up to 3,700 lm and offering a top performance and cost-effective solution for applications in general operating conditions, for example, in offices and other standard business facilities. Its shatterproof glass frame also makes it ideal in locations where the breakage of a light cannot interfere with the use of space, such as food production facilities.

E3+ LED tubes are manufactured in a fully automated production line in Valtavalo’s own factory. In order to ensure uniform quality and reliability, each LED tube goes through an automatic and multi-stage electric and light property test. Thus, our clients can be assured of the excellence of the products.

E3+ LED tubes are made according to the international LED tube standard EN62776, which ensures the upgrade to the latest lighting technology simply by replacing the old tubes with new tubes without having to replace the entire luminaires. Quick, easy and cost-efficient!

Why Valtavalo E3 plus?

Safer lighting

Valtavalo E3+ complies with the safety standard for double-capped LED lamps IEC62776, which safeguards that the change from fluorescent tube to LED tube is carried out safely.

Uniform premium quality and reliability are ensured by automatic manufacturing and comprehensive testing during manufacturing process.

Long lifespan

Lifetime of E3+ is 64,000 hours (L70B50 / Ta 25 °C) – longer than of other competing LED tubes in the product segment and compatible with LED tube standard EN 62776. It is also 5 times longer than of a conventional fluorescent tube. Valtavalo E3+ LED tubes come with a 5-year warranty.

Great value for money

A cost-effective solution for lighting in general operating conditions: reduced operational costs due to low energy consumption and low maintenance costs. A quick and easy way to upgrade the existing lighting system to the latest LED technology without having to replace the entire luminaires.

Made in Finland

Manufactured in Valtavalo’s own production plant in Kajaani, Finland.

Valtavalo E3 LED-valoputket


E3 plus LED tube product leaflet
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