Ultra-long lifetime LED-lighting solutions
with replaceable light sources

Finnish LED tubes withstand even the most demanding conditions.

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Energy costs: €/KWh
Average lifespan: h

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Helping you to see things in better light

Our mission is to provide lighting solutions with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Your success is our most important goal, and we want to make it easy for you to save energy and money in an environmentally sustainable way.

Valtavalo Ltd is a Finnish financially sound company, specialised in new, energy-efficient lighting solutions. We aim to improve our customers’ well-being and competitiveness by providing energy-saving, environmentally friendly alternatives. Our own R&D and manufacturing as well as an extensive partner network combined with a short supply chain guarantee the best possible quality and competitive pricing.

Valtavalo® LED tubes are the result of our own product development, manufactured in our Finnish factory with the latest automation technology.

Why choose Valtavalo?

Valtavalo is the natural choice for those who appreciate Finnish quality. Moving to LED lighting significantly decreases lighting costs due to both reduced energy consumption and lower installation and maintenance cost.

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