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The undisputed pioneer of LED tube manufacturing technology

Valtavalo manufactures and tests its LED tubes in our fully automatic assembly line in Kajaani

The beginnings of our own production

In 2010, Valtavalo started a development process for manufacturing LED tubes in Finland. As a result, we opened our fully automatic assembly line and manufactured the first record-breaking LED tubes in 2012. The factory was established in the traditional manufacturing city of Kajaani, close to excellent added-value services in the premises of a former paper mill in Renforsin Ranta Business Park.

Valtavalo’s Production Facility

  • Inaugurated in autumn 2012
  • Located in Renforsin Ranta Business Park in Kajaani, Northern Finland
  • Next to Valtavalo’s logistics centre
  • Unique automated assembly line supplied by EID Tech Oy based in Kuopio, Finland
  • Production capacity of the first assembly line is about 500,000 LED tubes a year
  • A second production line in autum 2016
  • Production capacity of the second production line is about 1,5 million LED tubes a year.

Valtavalo’s Production Automation

Modern production automation offers a highly cost-efficient and scalable way to produce one of the greatest lighting products of our times.