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Terms of use and publishing policy for media resources

The resources are intended for media representatives and partners. The materials may only be used in connection to Valtavalo Ltd products and/or services in communications that adhere to strict journalistic ethics. Marketing use is subject to written approval from Valtavalo. The use of Valtavalo logos and images published here for marketing, reference, or other purposes by our partners or others is also subject to Valtavalo’s approval.

  • The materials may be published free of charge under these conditions.
  • Publishing rights cannot be sold or transferred to third parties.
  • Copyrights remain with the copyright holder of the images, i.e. Valtavalo Ltd.
  • Images and logos may not be manipulated without permission from the copyright owner.
Downloadable logos and files
Valtavalo Oy -logo, ZIP-tiedosto The file contains the logo and the logo text in PDF, AI and EPS formats.
Downloadable photos
Valtavalo's automated production line
Valtavalo G4 LED tube
LED tubes
Valtavalo E3 LED tube
Valtavalo E3 LED tubes
Valtavalo factory in Kajaani.