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  • Valtavalo proudly presents: E3 LED tube – Unprecedented quality in its price category
    Published: 17.11.2016 10:58 | Categories: Economy, Real Estate | Author: Markku Laatikainen E3 LED tubes are positioned in the highly competitive category of professional quality lighting and straight to the top of its class. Compared with its closest competitors, the new product of Valtavalo offers a 10–35% longer service life, an exceptionally wide light distribution and an unprecedented quality of assembly in its price category.

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  • Watch out for pitfalls when investing in LED lighting
    Published: 22.9.2016 16:07 | Categories: Technology, Economy, Sustainability | Author: Jarmo Lahti LED technology has become very popular during the past few years in the lighting market, for the simple reason that it can be used to produce enough high-quality light in a significantly more energy-efficient way. There are, however, shadows in paradise. When investing in LED lighting, you should be aware of a few quite common pitfalls.

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