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  • Why should I choose a LED tube light instead of an integrated LED fixture?
    Published: 13.3.2017 13:47 | Categories: Technology, Economy | Author: Markku Laatikainen There is no short answer to the question; both product segments have their own optimal use environments. We may consider the subject from the cost perspective, encompassing the initial investment and lifecycle costs, or from the perspective of practical use. Let us consider this interesting and topical subject.

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  • Too good to be true? Are LED lights really as good as promised?
    Published: 2.2.2017 9:58 | Categories: Economy, Technology | Author: Matti Tossavainen As the range of LED lighting products is expanding rapidly, end users often have to wade through a sea of different products and promises. Many lamp manufacturers know and are familiar with the hard facts listed in this blog post, but end users hear them only on rare occasions. We think they should know the facts to be able to purchase high quality products, too, and that’s how the idea of this blog post occurred to me.

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