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  • A quick return on investment does not guarantee a low life cycle cost
    Published: 10.11.2017 15:22 | Categories: Economy, Technology | Author: Markku Laatikainen For long-life LED products in particular, the comparison of Total Cost of Ownership is more productive – at least if the circumstances allow for long-term planning. The solution that is the cheapest to buy may have the quickest return on investment, but turn out to be the most expensive solution in the long term.

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  • “The Miracle of Kajaani” – one story of domestic production
    Published: 20.3.2017 10:55 | Categories: Technology, Sustainability | Author: Markku Laatikainen Because the actual place of manufacture of our LED tubes is sometimes questioned, mostly by competitors, we find it necessary to describe openly how and where our LED tubes are made.

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