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  • Fire safety may be one reason to upgrade your old fluorescent tube lighting to LEDs 
    Published: 16.8.2019 10:07 | Categories: Real Estate, Technology | Author: Markku Laatikainen Replacement of old fluorescent tubes with LED tubes has been found an easy and cost-effective way to improve the fire safety of lighting. When old fluorescent tubes burn out, the starter still heats the filaments at the ends of the tube, giving rise to extremely high temperatures and a fire hazard. This problem doesn’t exist when you use LED tubes. The temperature of high-quality LED tubes does not climb very high, even when they start failing at the end of their life. In addition to fire safety, the advantages of LED tubes include the financial benefits to be gained from the energy savings and the longer intervals between changing the tubes.

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  • Nothing seems permanent in the lighting market except change
    Published: 30.1.2019 14:27 | Categories: Technology | Author: Markku Laatikainen Even though the storm raised by LED technology is passing over, the lighting market is still in the middle of turbulent years. The industry has changed permanently and different actors are now gathering their ranks and finding ways to differentiate themselves to overcome the profitability issue that is currently shaking up the overheated market.

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