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Valtavalo Ltd was founded in 2008 to develop, manufacture and supply energy-efficient lighting solutions in Finland and globally. By concentrating on large volumes and clients, Valtavalo, as the largest LED tube manufacturer in the Northern Countries, can set competitive prices for new and advanced technologies, which have often in the past been regarded as too expensive.

Our Policy

All Valtavalo products undergo a multi-stage testing process both in product development and production phase to assure that our savings promises will be kept. This also helps us to ensure our products’ guaranteed safety and compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

Valtavalo’s customer base mainly consists of large public and private organisations. We aim to serve our customers as directly as possible and use the shortest possible service chains. This ensures the latest product information and the best prices for every customer.

Our Guiding Principles

We want to create successful and long-standing customer relationships through the following principles:

– We design, manufacture and test the LED tubes 100% ourselves using only the most advanced technology and high-quality components.
– We explain to our customers how the price of products is formed. As our customer, you should never pay for features you do not need.
– We are fair and honest, listen to our customers and always go the extra mile.
– We take environmental considerations seriously in everything we do – from material choices in manufacturing to energy savings provided to our customers.
– We are always there for the customer when it comes to lighting.

Valtavalo in a nutshell

– The leading manufacturer of LED tubes in the Nordic Countries
– Production and logistics facilities in Kajaani, Finland; administration in Oulu, Finland
– Branch office in Sweden, 10+ distributors in Europe
– ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified by SGS

Our mission is to provide
the best LED tubes in the world
in a cost-efficient manner.

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Our company values communicate our common goals

and guide our daily choices and decisions we make