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Valtavalo Vaivaton – Lighting as a Service

Get the best LED lighting on the market for your facilities, without any investments or repayment periods. You can invest the resources freed up in your core business operations!

1. Order a free analysis

2. Make an easy decision

3. No more lighting problems

Immediate cost savings

Companies and public-sector organisations are fervently seeking ways to reduce their costs and improve their profitability. One of the quickest ways is to improve lighting and its energy efficiency.

Traditionally, the transfer to LED technology in lighting has required major invesments. The Valtavalo Vaivaton concept will change this completely by offering energy-efficient LED lighting as a service.

Valtavalo Vaivaton – how it works?


1 konsultointiWe will analyse your cost-saving potential free of charge. The initial analysis will determine your current level of lighting and include improvement plans with the relevant measurements and calculations.


2 rahoitusNo investment expenses – a fixed monthly fee that is easy to budget for. The decrease in your energy expenses will more than offset the financing expenses for the lighting solution.

Products & Installation

3_tuotteet_asennusWith Valtavalo Vaivaton, your facilities will be lit with the best LED tubes on the market. All products will be installed. The service includes the electrician’s work, travel expenses and daily expenses as well as the hire of the lifting equipment.


4 ylläpitoValtavalo Vaivaton also includes the maintenance of the solution provided. We guarantee that the products will work throughout the contract period.


saastoThe cost savings will arise from a significant decrease in electricity consumption, the freeing up of capital tied to lighting and the elimination of maintenance and serving costs.

Focus on what is essential, and let us take care of the rest

Valtavalo Vaivaton is the perfect solution for outsourcing lighting. Are you struggling with getting reasonable offers, scraping up the money for the investment or maintenance issues? No matter what your lighting problem is, you can stop worrying and let us provide a comprehensive lighting solution for years to come. In addition to saving your nerves, you will save a considerably amount of money.

“Taking care of daily business operations takes up all of our energy. We simply don’t have the time to focus on all building system details. Valtavalo Vaivaton was the perfect solution for us. We would have been crazy not to choose it, as it immediately began to bring savings, with no risk”, says Taneli Sutinen, Managing director of Vuokatti Superpark.

Valtavalo Vaivaton enables easier management of large lighting systems by providing comprehensive outsourcing services for a five-year contract period at a time. The service is invoiced every three months, which makes lighting expenses tax-deductible and easier to control and budget. The cost savings will arise from reduced electricity consumption, freeing us capital tied to lighting, and eliminating maintenance and servicing costs. Your company will benefit from the full amount of the cost savings, and the leasing fee included in the lighting service fee is tax-deductible. In addition, Valtavalo guarantees that the solution will bring savings, meaning that the service fee is always significantly smaller than the savings your company accumulates.