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Valtavalo® G4 LED tubes

Valtavalo G4 LED tube was the very first flicker-free LED tube on the market manufactured according to EN/IEC 62776 standard. According to several studies, flickering of electric lights may cause all kinds of ailments to people, such as headaches, fatigue and stress on the brain. Valtavalo G4 produces non-flickering good-quality light and thus has a positive impact on the wellbeing and health of people.

Due to the average lifetime of 125,000 hours and low maintenance costs the total cost of ownership (TCO) of Valtavalo LED tubes is the lowest in the industry.

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded the Key Flag Symbol to the LED tubes manufactured by Valtavalo Oy as a sign of Finnish manufacture. G4 LED tubes are manufactured in our Finnish factory with the latest automation technology and according to the standard EN 62776. Every single LED tube is subjected to automated, multi-stage testing of electrical and light emission characteristics to make sure that we only deliver excellent quality.

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Why to choose G4?
Automatisoitu tuotanto- ja testausprosessi.
Industry-leading quality

Uniform premium quality and reliability are ensured by unique mechanical design, high-quality components as well as automatic manufacturing and comprehensive testing before releasing.

Pitkä elinkaari.
Lifespan of 125,000 hours

Due to its technical supremacy and thermal design Valtavalo is able to offer the longest lifetime expectation on the market on its products – 125,000 hours. Valtavalo LED tubes come with a 7-year warranty.

Erinomainen elinkaariarvo.
Industry-leading total cost of ownership

Lifetime value and exceptional quality provide on effortless and leading cost of ownership lighting solution to demanding and quality-conscious customers.

Välkkymätön valo.
Flicker-free light

G4 is the very first flicker-free LED tube on the market with <5% flicker percentage. Whereas flicker percentage of a fluorescent tube or a typical LED tube is about 30%.

Valmistetaan Suomessa.
Made in Finland

Manufactured in Valtavalo’s own production plant using the latest automation technology.

Downloadable files
Valtavalo G4 brochure (ENG) v3.0 Valtavalo G4 LED tube brochure in English (1/2020)
valtavalo_infographics Infographics: lifetime of Valtavalo G4 LED tube
Eulumdat files for Valtavalo G4 CRI80 LED tubes Eulumdat files for Valtavalo G4 CRI80 LED tubes - updated 12/2017
Eulumdat files for Valtavalo G4 CRI90 LED tubes Eulumdat files for Valtavalo G4 CRI90 LED tubes - updated 12/2017
Inrush current rating G4 Inrush current rating


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