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The Valtavalo product philosophy is based on the principle of finding the best solution for our customers. Valtavalo’s carefully selected product range covers extensively the lighting needs of both the public and the private sector.

G-series and E-series LED tubes that replace T8 fluorescent tubes are manufactured in a fully automated production line in the company’s own factory in Kajaani, Finland.

In addition to LED tubes, our product range includes also luminaires for LED tubes as well as other high quality LED lighting solutions.

Why should I choose a LED tube light instead of an integrated LED fixture?

There is no short answer to the question; both product segments have their own optimal use environments. However, we think that LED tube is the most natural and the best successor on the world’s most used lighting system T8 fluorescent tube.

Compared to integrated lighting systems, LED tubes have the following benefits:

  • An international standard guarantees that compatible replacement tubes will be available for the T8 assembly now and in the future. There are no guarantees that the model of an integrated light, or even its manufacturer, would continue to exist even during the full warranty period of the product. There are many examples of ceilings being filled with different light models as the original integrated lights are no longer available, even with the warranty still in force.
  • Installation costs are low when the facility has existing fluorescent lights. If the lights have magnetic ballasts with no compensation, installation is simple: only the tube and the starter need to be replaced. Even the rewiring of an old electronic coupling is in most cases a better solution from an economic perspective than using supplier-dependent integrated LED lights.
  • In future, upgrading to the latest lighting technology can be done simply by replacing the old tubes with new standard tubes, with low costs.
  • Unlike integrated lighting systems, the tubes can be moved to new facilities.

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Make a quality-conscious choice

At the same time you'll save energy, reduce lighting costs and protect the environment.

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