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IP-66 Suojausluokkainen teollisuusvalaisin.

LED Prima plus

LED Prima plus is an IP66 industrial luminaire designed for two Valtavalo LED tubes. With polycarbonate housing and IP66 protection, LED Prima plus is particularly suitable for lighting spaces where dust and moisture are present. IK rating of the polycarbonate cover is IK10.

LED-Prima plus is available in two models: for one or two LED tubes.

Downloadable files
LED Prima plus brochure 2.4 (ENG) Product leaflet LED Prima plus (11/2019)
Led-Prima_Plus-G4 Eulumdat files for Valtavalo LED-Prima plus G4 Cri80 & Cri90 - updated 9/2019
Prima-Plus-E3-Cri80 Eulumdat files for LED-Prima plus E3 CRI80 - updated 06/2017
Prima-Plus-E3-Cri90 Eulumdat files for LED-Prima plus E3 CRI90 - updated 06/2017
Prima_Plus-E3Plus-Cri80 Eulumdat files for LED-Prima plus E3+ Cri80 - updated 8/2019
Prima_Plus-G5-Cri80 Eulumdat files for LED-Prima plus G5 CRI80 (Dimmable, High Power, High Temp and Regular) - updated 07/2019