Boxeo vaihdettavalla valonlähteellä.

LED Boxeo

LED Boxeo is a cost-effective modular (60 cm) recessed luminaire for suspended T-bar ceilings. It has no separate ballasts, inductors, capacitors or starters that are often difficult to replace. To ensure the easy maintenance of your luminaires, the LED Boxeo contains nothing but four easy-to-replace, efficient Valtavalo LED tubes. The frame of the luminaire lasts virtually a lifetime. It is particularly suitable for environments such as offices, schools and other public buildings.

Downloadable files
Led-Boxeo-G4 Eulumdat for LED Boxeo G4 Cri80 & Cri90 - updated 09/2019
Boxeo-E3-Cri80 Eulumdat files for LED-Boxeo E3 CRI80 - updated 06/2017
Boxeo-E3-Cri90 Eulumdat files for LED-Boxeo E3 CRI90 - updated 06/2017