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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

At Valtavalo, we always aim for optimal user-friendliness of our LED solutions. Sometimes, however, a little more support may be needed. Here you can find some of the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them. You can also contact us and send your questions with our contact form.

Why should we be interested in lighting?

An enormous, ever-increasing amount of electricity is spent on lighting and electricity prices are constantly rising. Everywhere in the world, new legislation is adopted to decrease the energy consumption in lighting and to ensure or improve its quality. However, a major share of all lighting still uses old-fashioned, energy-wasting technology. Lighting, on the other hand, can affect our health, well-being and job satisfaction. The superior LED technology that creates real savings is already available for all indoor lighting applications.

How can you save money in lighting?

The answer is easy: by choosing green, energy-efficient, effective and durable LED lights by Valtavalo. It is also important to pay attention to the design of lighting and to study carefully the lighting requirements of the space or the area in question to provide the right amount of light at the right time in the right place. Finally, there are many automatic control options available based on motion, the amount of daylight or the task at hand.

Which aspects should be taken into consideration when selecting a lighting solution?

First, you should assess the reliability of the supplier and the technical specifications of the solution, such as light output, colour temperature (which affects the comfort and alertness of people), service life, serviceability – or the lack of service required – and warranty, i.e. how often the bulb or other components need to be replaced. Other key considerations include the environmental aspects of the solution, not to mention operating costs and particularly the energy consumption.

Where to install LED lights?

LED lamps often have a higher colour temperature (4000 K, 5700 K) than traditional yellow light (2700 K or 3000 K). For this reason, installation side by side with traditional lamps is not recommended to avoid an unpleasant effect similar to the one often seen when outdoor light and the yellow indoor light are mixed. On the other hand, LED lamps should be installed all at the same time – wherever saving energy, money and effort and getting the best possible and the most pleasant light are important. LED light is particularly suitable for offices, factories, shops, meeting rooms, schools and any other space where people work, present things or otherwise spend a considerable part of their day. Other ideal applications for LED technology include outdoor lighting that is equipped with motion sensors or is kept on constantly.

How are the Valtavalo LED tubes installed?

Installation is easy. When replacing fluorescent lamps or tubes with Valtavalo LED tubes, just replace the starter of the fluorescent lamp with Valtavalo LED starter and then install the LED tube just like an ordinary fluorescent tube. For more detailed instructions on how to replace fluorescent tubes with LED tubes, see the Support & Help page. Keep in mind that old fluorescent tubes and ballasts contain toxins! Our LED tubes are always supplied with installation instructions and guidelines on the proper handling and disposal of old fluorescent tubes, starters and ballasts.

How is the price of Valtavalo’s LED tubes formed?

We aim to minimise the fixed costs of the Valtavalo organisation with automated manufacturing, short supply chains and agile support services to save our customers from paying for features that they do not need. The material costs of high-quality components can be very high, and one LED tube typically contains more than 50 single small LED lights and a large number of other parts. Other elements affecting the price include not only our internal logistics and storage costs but also shipping, duties, VAT and the Finnish electronics recycling fee. However, we do everything we can to guarantee the lowest possible prices for our customers – openly and fairly.

Why switch to Valtavalo’s LED solution?

All LED products supplied by Valtavalo are characterised by high quality and excellent lighting efficiency. Depending on the reference product, calculation method, use and the circumstances, the savings are between 50% and 90%, which is why you should start saving now! Electricity prices in Finland are rising at an accelerating pace and are likely to continue that way once the electricity market in the EU opens up for more competition. LED light is a hot trend right now, which creates a positive image of the organisation, both internally and externally. It is possible to switch to better lamps right now without any increase in monthly costs – quite the opposite! Our corporate sales is happy to tell you about our financing solutions for companies and the public sector. By choosing a LED lighting solution by Valtavalo, you are choosing an environmentally sustainable solution with considerable positive long-term impact on your company’s finances and the well-being of your employees.

Why does one 60 cm LED tube burn brighter than another one?

In some fixtures designed for two 60 cm tubes, the tubes may be connected in series. Consequently, LED tubes do not work properly in such fixtures. In such cases, the connection in series has to be replaced by a parallel connection, and this must be done by an electrician. Light fixtures that are connected in series can usually be identified because they have two tubes and only one inductor (3). See the installation instructions for the LED tube or ask your nearest Valtavalo dealer for advice.

Can you use Valtavalo LED tubes with motion sensors or dimmers?

LED tubes work well with a variety of sensors, and control based on motion or daylight sensing can help in gaining significant additional savings. However, current Valtavalo LED tubes cannot be dimmed. If there seems to be a clear need for the dimming feature, we will look into developing LED tubes compatible with dimmers. You can send us feedback through our Contact page. In cooperation with our reliable partners, Valtavalo offers dimmable LED products for spaces where the dimming feature is essential.

What is covered by warranty?

Because Valtavalo Ltd aims to set an example of responsible operation for the industry, our warranty covers all product failures of our own products – even the failure of a single LED component. However, the warranty only covers proper use and installation. Satisfied customers are our most important marketing asset.

Which colour temperature of LED lights should I choose?

If you are purchasing lighting products for your home or other location with many yellow (4000 K or less) light sources, the recommended value for LED lights is 4000 K. For new buildings, workspaces and rooms where all lights are replaced at the same time, we recommend higher values up to 5700 K, which corresponds to natural daylight.