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Satisfied customers are our best marketing assets

Valtavalo Ltd is the Scandinavian leader as a reliable designer and supplier of LED tubes. We are particularly familiar with buildings with linear, i.e. fluorescent tube type, light installations and the associated savings potential. This is a privilege we have gained from the thousands of projects completed by us.

Most of our customers represent large organisations of the public and the private sector. Our customer base contains, among others, around 100 municipal organisations, hospitals, government organisations and dozens of international listed companies.

Industrial lighting
Valtavalo toteutti LED-valaistuksen Höganäsin haastaviin teollisuustiloihin Ruotsissa.

Industrial companies were one of the first users of LED tube lighting, and remain one of Valtavalo’s most important customer segments. The high reliability of LED solutions by Valtavalo even in challenging circumstances and light fixtures where the lamps are difficult to replace is an essential feature. The largest industrial companies in Scandinavia rely on Valtavalo’s products.

The world’s leading manufacturer of iron-based metal powders, Höganäs AB in Sweden, adopted LED lighting as part of its energy-saving project in 2012. The aim was to find a LED solution for extremely demanding industrial environments. After testing LED lights from several manufacturers, Höganäs selected Valtavalo’s LED tubes. “LED tubes by Valtavalo proved to be the most durable option, with market-leading energy efficiency to boot,” says Mats Andersson, the leader of the energy-saving project, about the positive results achieved with LED tubes. Pictured is Höganäs AB’s Hans-Pauli Hallengren, who supervised the installation project.

Höganäs (ENG)
Aldaris (ENG)
Imagon (ENG)
Oy Snellman AB (ENG)

Lighting for offices, hospitals and schools
Säästöpankki Optian LED-valaistus.

Colour rendering properties and the high quality of light are especially important in rooms where one has to be able to see well. It is no coincidence that Valtavalo LED tubes have found their way to an increasing number of offices where the work requires high precision. For the specific requirements of corridors and office rooms, the Valtavalo product range includes an extensive offer of appropriate solutions – automated or otherwise – for every environment.

“The rooms look so fresh and full of light now that we all feel as if there has been a major renovation,” Branch Manager Matti Mentilä summed up the new lighting solution in the premises of Savings Bank Optia. It is worth noting that all that was needed to get this visible makeover was to replace the old fluorescent tubes with Valtavalo LED tubes.

Optia Bank (ENG)
Lapland Hospital (ENG)
Vantaa (ENG)

Retail facilities
Valtavalon ratkaisu valaisee Sale Hetteenmäen tiloja Kajaanissa.

Valtavalo’s customer base already contains hundreds of retail facilities ranging from small special shops that hold the quality of lighting in high regard to large shopping centres with thousands of LED tubes. The excellent colour rendering capabilities of Valtavalo LED tubes helps to see the colours and shades of products in a natural light, which is important not only for those who make the products but also for customers who could be disappointed if the colour of a garment they just bought looks different in outdoor light.

“We are very happy with the lights in our new Sale grocery shop, and our customers have also given us positive feedback. The old installation tracks were not completely aligned with the new shelve positions, and some light fixtures ended up hanging directly above the shelves. Thanks to the adjustable ends of the LED tubes, we were still able to direct the light straight to where it is needed,” says Keijo Tuikka, Real Estate Manager of SOK Cooperative Maakunta.

Sale Hetteenmäki (ENG)
K-Market Ahjontori (ENG)
Kajaanin 1. Apteekki (ENG)
Jysk (ENG)
Prisma department store Kajaani (ENG)
Pörhön Autoliike Oy Kajaani (ENG)

Special applications
Suomen kansallisoopperan puvustamo siirtyi LED-aikaan.

Valtavalo’s LED tubes beat traditional fluorescent tubes and competing LED tubes in many respects. Differences between different manufacturers become especially important in applications that require long service life, low heat output, high luminous efficacy or mechanical durability. Sometimes, however, the competitive advantage can be a result of surprising features, such as the lack of UV light or the drop in operating temperature.

The wardrobe of the Finnish National Opera is a very hot place to work, particularly in the summer. Hundreds of fluorescent lamps have not only lighted but also heated the low room very efficiently. “An unmistakable discovery after the adoption of LED tubes is that with LED tubes, it takes a longer time to reach the daily maximum temperature than with fluorescent tubes.  Similarly, also the daily peak temperature lasts for a shorter time,” Henri Lehtinen from the Finnish National Opera proudly tells.

Parking facilities

Valtavalo has completed a number of the largest parking facility lighting projects in Scandinavia. In Finland alone, the number of parking facilities with Valtavalo LED tubes goes well beyond one hundred. Because the lights are typically on for a long time and the old fluorescent tubes are easy to replace, parking halls are one of the most ideal places for experimental LED tube lighting projects.

After a recommendation by an energy efficiency reviewer, Valtavalo’s LED tubes were selected among several alternatives for the parking hall of Tavastila shopping centre. Important selection criteria included reliability, impressive references and the Finnish origin.

Jumbo (ENG)

Sports facilities
Angry Birds Activity Parkin LED-valaistus.

In sports, particularly when playing high-speed games, it is important to see well both the tools and the space where people are moving fast. In many cases, the impact resistance and durability of light sources are also essential, as indoor sports facilities usually have very high ceilings and the replacement can be difficult.

The Angry Birds Activity Park in Vuokatti was installed with LED tubes in autumn 2014. The building of the indoor activity park used to be an electronics factory, and the old lighting was a legacy from that era. As the purpose of the building changed, the demands for the lighting changed as well. “The surface material of old fluorescent tubes was easily breakable glass. That was about the only justification we needed for adopting LED tubes with aluminium frames and plastic lenses in rooms where people exercise and play games all the time. Energy savings and environmental friendliness were other clear reasons for switching to a new type of lighting,” says Taneli Sutinen, the spokesman for the Angry Birds Activity Park.

Angry Birds Activity Park (ENG)
MyFit Prosperus (ENG)


In high warehouses and logistics halls, lights are often on for long periods of time, and the savings potential is huge. Valtavalo’s products have already been adopted on a global scale in hundreds of warehouses and logistics halls.

Vehoniemen Laattamyymälä is an expert in ceramic tiles, selling and importing tiles since 1992. One of the company’s executives, Jani Mesiranta, says that they selected Valtavalo’s LED tubes after a few experiments and comparisons. The company had already tried the earliest first-generation LED tubes, but was not entirely satisfied with the illuminance and the quality of light. Finally, after testing the new Valtavalo G3 LED tubes manufactured in Finland, the decision was easy. Now the illuminance and the quality of light are what they should be. People working in the warehouse report that they can see packaging labels better, and since the introduction of the LED tubes, fewer tubes are needed to provide just as much light. Jani Mesiranta is satisfied with the overall project and the considerable electricity savings.

DHL Freight (ENG)