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Fagerlin vesivoimala Norjassa oli Valtavalon ensimmäisiä asennuskohteita vuonna 2013.

Salten Kraftsamband AS (Norway)

One of Valtavalo’s first customers in Norway was the hydroelectric power station in Fagerli. The Fagerli project proved that LED tubes perform well even in demanding industrial environments. The project was started in 2013 with the aim of improving the work environment while reducing energy consumption and maintenance needs. Now Salten Kraftsamband AS (SKS), the owner of the power station, says that Valtavalo G3 LED tubes helped them achieve not only a 60% reduction in energy consumption, but also significant savings in maintenance costs.

“LED lights improved working conditions and provided us with more opportunities to use motion sensors and other technology,” says Robert Normann, Project Manager with SKS.

Morgen Groseth is the Managing Director of Energy Optimal, the company that delivered the LED lighting project for SKS. He wants to emphasise the environmental benefits of adopting the LED technology and the fact that Valtavalo LED tubes are recyclable and contain no mercury or other heavy metals.