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Kauppakeskus Jumbon parkkitiloissa palaa noin 6000 Valtavalon LED-valoputkea.

Jumbo Shopping Centre (Finland)

Old fluorescent tubes had to go when the gigantic parking facilities of Jumbo Shopping Centre entered the bright new LED age. The parking facilities of Jumbo Shopping Centre, including service rooms and technical facilities, is now lit with about 6,000 LED tubes. As far as we know, this number makes the Jumbo LED tube project the largest of its kind in Scandinavia, and probably also the largest LED project in Finland.

The total electrical output of the LED tubes in Jumbo is about 140 kW, which means considerable savings compared to the 400 kW consumed by the old fluorescent tubes. The consumption of a single old fluorescent tube with a ballast was measured to be 72 watts. The upgrade helped to drop this figure to 24 watts without any loss of illuminance or quality of the light. The payback period of the LED investment will be less than three years.

“We wanted to have an energy-efficient, durable and easily serviceable lighting solution, and eventually we compared the LED tubes by several different providers. Of these, we selected the products of the Finnish company Valtavalo,” says Hannu Hirvonen, Real Estate Manager with Jumbo Shopping Centre.

The old lighting system had electronic ballasts that broke down often. This resulted not only in considerable servicing costs, but also involved a risk of fire.

“LED tubes make light fixtures easy and affordable to maintain, and the long service life of the tubes means a considerable extension of the maintenance interval. Because there are no separate ballasts or inductors, there is virtually no other work involved than a simple replacement of the LED tube itself at the end of its life,” says Hirvonen.

The sizeable LED installation job was completed by the Vantaa-based company Jyty-Sähkö Oy. The main share of the installation was finished during 2013 and the rest of the project was completed in early March 2014.

“We decided to use the old lamp bodies, because they were still in relatively good shape,” says Jari Tykkyläinen, Managing Director with Jyty-Sähkö.