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Höganäsin teollisuustilat Ruotsissa.

Höganäs AB (Sweden)

LED tubes are excellent even in the demanding conditions of the process industry Valtavalo’s CEO Markku Laatikainen says that their LED tubes have been installed around Scandinavia even in very demanding environments, such as the process industry. The world’s leading manufacturer of iron-based metal powders, Höganäs AB in Sweden, launched its LED lighting project in 2012. The aim was to find a LED solution for extremely demanding industrial environments. After testing LED lights from several manufacturers, Höganäs selected Valtavalo’s LED tubes.

“LED tubes by Valtavalo proved to be the most durable option, with market-leading energy efficiency to boot,” says Mats Andersson about the positive results achieved with LED tubes.

During the energy industry event Energieffektiv belysning i tuffa miljöer organised by Jernkontoret in Sweden in March 2014, Mats Andersson from Höganäs shared his views of the positive results achieved with LED tubes. In Andersson’s opinion, LED technology is “the future solution”: controlling options and high availability are key to low energy consumption and long service life. He says that LED lighting has finally made it possible to comply with even the most stringent illuminance requirements of the process industry.

Read what they at Höganäs think of the lighting now, 2017.

Pictured is Höganäs AB’s Hans-Pauli Hallengren, who supervised the installation project.