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DHL Freight (Finland)

The excellent quality and the Finnish origin of Valtavalo’s products were important points for DHL, when it started the lighting installation project of its Turku warehouse in summer 2012. At the same time, Valtavalo was just beginning the manufacturing of LED tubes on their automated assembly line in Kajaani. Eventually, the DHL Turku warehouse became the first G3 LED tube installation project by Valtavalo. The companies have been cooperating ever since.

“Inspired by the positive experience from the Turku warehouse, we continued by upgrading the lighting system in our Vantaa terminal with Valtavalo’s LED tubes. A building service specialist took measurements before and after the upgrade. In addition to significant energy savings of about 60%, we also noticed that the illuminance of Valtavalo G3 LED tubes was about 25% better than with the old T8 fluorescent tubes,” says Pekka Simonen, director with DHL Freight Finland Oy.