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Angry Birds Activity Parkin LED-valaistus.

Angry Birds Activity Park, Vuokatti (Finland)

Valtavalo’s LED Lighting as a Service concept flies high with Angry Birds In the Angry Birds Activity Park, Valtavalo Ltd’s LED Lighting as a Service not only improves safety, but also reduces costs right from the very first seconds. In autumn 2014, the Angry Birds Activity Park in Vuokatti, Finland, was fitted with LED tubes in line with Valtavalo’s LaaS (Lighting as a Service) concept, which means that the lighting solution is delivered, installed, financed and maintained by the service provider. The first step of the LaaS concept is an initial analysis of the current lighting solution completed with an optional improvement plan and savings measurements and calculations. Valtavalo’s LaaS projects also include a Savings Guarantee.

“As a rule, if the customer agrees to adopt brand new, energy-efficient, safe LED lighting without any investment costs, we can guarantee that there are savings from day one. What our customers really appreciate in this concept is convenience – and that’s why we decided to call the service Valtavalo Vaivaton, which means ‘convenient’ in Finnish,” Valtavalo’s CEO Markku Laatikainen sheds light on the recently launched concept.

The service is provided in cooperation with well-known and reliable financing companies and installation partners.

“We are busy enough with running the park on a daily basis, and we have very little time to study all the fine details of building services. For this reason, the LaaS concept suits us particularly well, and one would be mad to turn down an offer of risk-free immediate savings,” says Taneli Sutinen, Vuokatti Superpark’s Managing Director, of the project’s background.

Switching to LED lights is part of the overall energy efficiency improvement project in Vuokatti Superpark. Since early 2014, the park’s energy efficiency has been ensured by Annosol Oy, a Sotkamo-based company specialising in energy-efficient building management.

“Switching to LED tubes means entering a record-low level of energy consumption in the building,” says Annosol Oy’s expert Jani Löhönen.

Since the switch, the total monthly energy savings in electricity and district heat amount to almost €10,000 in the best months. Compared to 2013, the decrease in energy consumption is rather awesome.

The real monthly savings of a LED tube-based lighting solution are about €220 for the first five years, taking into account the cost of electricity. After this, the savings are almost €1,000 every month.

“Even though a small number of LED tubes have not been installed yet, we almost reached our savings target this September,” Jani Löhönen says. “A further assurance of the savings is verification by our independent partner, Annosol Oy,” Taneli Sutinen adds.

“And the customer saves even more money because they do not have to care about maintenance. The calculated savings of the LaaS model in the maintenance of the 1,400 LED tubes installed in the Angry Birds Activity Park are between €20,000 and €30,000 during the first five years,” adds Tuomas Laatikainen, Valtavalo’s Development Manager.

The real savings of the lighting solution during its service life – about 15 years – add up to approximately €130,000. A significant share of the sum are achieved with the LaaS model and the durable LED tubes. The building used to be an electronics factory of the company Incap, and the old lighting system was a legacy from that era. As the purpose of the building changed, the demands for the lighting evolved as well.

“The surface material of old fluorescent tubes was easily breakable glass. That was about the only justification we needed for adopting LED tubes with aluminium frames and plastic lenses in rooms where people exercise and play games all the time. Energy savings and environmental friendliness were other clear reasons for switching to a new type of lighting,” says Taneli Sutinen of the Angry Birds Activity Park.